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American Scholastic Press Association first place award

"Costly Ambitions" has won a first place prize from the American Scholastic Press Association.  OIL SPILL  earned a 945 point out of a possible 1000.  Congratulation to the staff.

Oil SPill Vol. 6 Costly Ambitions

OIL SPILL Vol. 6 Costly Ambitions has sold out!

Thank you to all those who purchased.

This year the OIL SPILL staff produced 150 magazines.  Each magazine was printed in full color and featured an array of Montebello High School students.


OIL SPILL does it Again!

2017 2018 garners A SUPERIOR rating from PRESLM hosted by the NCTE!  Thanks to all the OILERS who contributed and made this magazine the award winner it is.  

OIL Spill wins award

Oil Spill 2017 2018 Volume 6 wins 2nd place award with American Scholastic Press Association!

Congratulations the staff who dedicated lunches and countless ours to make the magazine a success.

OIL SPILL 2017 2018 Vol. 5 available now!

Stop by E-9 for your copy of this year's literary magazine.

55 full color pages of the best art, photography, and literature MHS students have to offer.

Copies of the Oil Spill literary magazine are only 5 dollars and will sell out.


OILSPILL VOL. 5 off to the printer

With the closing of the MHS print shop, OILSPILL needed to find another printer. Through some research and satisfaction with verified customers, OILSPILL is happy to accept a bid from Chromatic Lithographers.

Chromatic is in the process of reviewing the document and so far reviews are good.  We anticipate the first proof any day.

Oil Spill Wins Award


OILSPILL Shirts 2017


Artist and CATS student Kassandra Acosta gets credit for designing this year's OILSPILL shirt. The shirt depicts legendary artist and MHS graphics/animation teacher, John Dubin.dubin


The OILSPILL 2017 will be ready for distribution in early May.

Thanks to all for submitting.

This year we are excited to feature 19 photos, 39 pieces of art, and 20 poems.  All work was submitted by 40 different artist.

2016 oil spill

The 2016 OIL SPILL has been published.  This year's OIL SPILL is 52 full color pages featuring more than 30 artist, writers, and photographers.  The OIL SPILL can be purchased for $5 in room E-9

To The Printer

The OIL SPILL has been sent to the printer.  There is a several step revision process from now until the final draft is printed.  First, the printer will print out a mock black and white draft for our eyes only.  Edits, omissions, and revisions will be made by the OIL SPILL staff and sent back to the printer.  A second low quality color draft will be printed and sent to us for another revision.  At this time will ask a fellow teacher to look at the magazine with new eyes.  Once the magazine has been deemed error free, well laid out, and graphically appealing we will send it back to the printer for the final draft.

So much time goes into crossing the T's and dotting the I's. The OIL SPILL staff has done a fantastic job of getting the student population's best art and writing to you in a beautiful magazine.


OILSPILL deadlines have arrived.  Get your art, poetry, photos, short stories, and other creative pieces in by March 10. 

Oilspill shirt 2015-2016
Oilspill shirt 2015-2016

Kindness Campaign Candy Canes

On Friday, Dec 11, OIL SPILL will be giving out free candy canes in honor of  

Kindness Campaign!  Come see us in Senior Park for your free holiday treat.

Submissions now being accepted

2015-2016 Oil Spill is now in production.  Please bring or email any creative efforts for review to E-9 or Schoolloop James Ramirez.  All creative efforts are reviewed by our editors and ultimately accepted for publication or passed back to artist.

OIL spill 2014-2015
cover art by Christina Acedo


The OIL SPILL 2015 edition has been sent to the printer.  Congrats to all artists and authors whose work was published.

Look out for this year's edition coming in early June 2015.

Full color booklets will be sold for $5.00 in room E-9 or OIL SPILL Staff


The deadline to submit work to the OILSPILL will be March 26, 2015.

Please get all submissions to E-9, school loop email James Ramirez, or district email

2014-2015 submissions now being accepted

The Oil Spill magazine is now accepting all submissions from students and teachers for the 2014-2015 school Year!

oilspill bird

Oil spill Shirts

About Us


The Oil Spill is an award winning, nationally reviewed, literary art magazine at Montebello High School.  In 2017-2018 we garnered a Superior award  from the National counsel of Teachers of English (NCTE) program to Recognize Excellence in Student Literary Magazines (PRESLM).  In addition we received a Second Place award from The American Scholastic Press Association (ASPA).

In 2016-2017 we were awarded a 3rd place award by ASPA and an Excellent Award from PRESLM.  

We are a yearly publication designed to show the artistic side of the mighty Oilers. 

All artistic submissions are welcomed via digital or walk in delivery.  We accept digital art, music, plays, skits, short stories, drawings, paintings, photography, etc... 

This is a no commitment club, submit what you want when you want.



How To Submit

Artist, photographers, and writers can submit digitally via the Schoolloop website by attaching pieces to an email addressed to James Ramirez.  Submissions can also be delivered by hand to room E-9.

One can submit as many pieces as one likes, however a maximum of three pieces will be published by any given artist.