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(323) 887-7850


All students must attend school every day

Students are expected to:

  • attend school every day, except when ill.
  • attend every class on time.
  • provide a doctor’s note for absences that are longer than three days.

How to report an absence

Report absences to the Attendance Office at (323) 887-7850. 


Parents/Guardians, the following information is required when reporting an absence:


  • Student Name and ID number

  • Date of Absence(s)

  • Reason for Absence

  • Name of parent/guardian reporting absence

Alphabetical break down by last name:

  • A-H, ext. 4462

  • I-P, ext. 4519

  • Q-Z, ext. 4461

  • General attendance info, ext. 7850


Truancy is defined as any absence from school or class without permission.

Any of the following will be considered class truancy AND MAY BE CITED BY POLICE:

  • Failing to attend class and not having a valid excuse.
  • Leaving any class under false pretenses.
  • Leaving a class or school grounds without permission.
  • Being reported by staff member on campus during an all-day absence.
  • 15 or more minutes late to class.
  • Loitering on campus during instructional time.
  • Unexcused absences are considered Truants and will be dealt with accordingly.

Permission to leave school

Permission to leave during school hours:

Permission to leave school before the close of the instructional day may be obtained from the Attendance Office.

  • Only parents, guardians, or people listed on the emergency card can request a permit to leave campus.
  • Parents, guardians or persons listed on the emergency card MUST come to the office and present their valid identification card.  
  • No student will be allowed to walk home without parental consent.
  • Phone calls: Phone messages from the parent/guardian will be taken for emergencies only.
  • Montebello High School is a closed campus.