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2019 VArsity Fall Sports

2019-2020 Varsity Winter Sports

2020 Varsity Spring Sports


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Fall Sports Conditioning

Session 1 - Spring Sports:  (4 weeks)

Start/End dates:  9/21-10/9/2020. Condition Session will take place from 4:00-6:00pm.

Boys Basketball  Coach Angulo

Girls Basketball Coach Guerena

Boys Soccer Coach Garcia

Girls Soccer Coach De Leon

Boys/Girls Wrestling Coach Gomez  Coach Ferra   

Baseball Coach Arana

Boys & Girls Golf Coach Yoshitake

Softball Coach Lee

Boys Swimming Coach Garcia

Girls Swimming Coach Torres

Boys & Girls Tennis Coach Perez

Boys/Girls Track and Field  Coach Flores



Session 2 - Fall Sports:  (4 weeks)

Start/dates:  10/12-11/6. Condition Session will take place from 4:00-6:00pm


Group A:

Cross Country Coach Flores

Boys Volleyball Coach Ng

Boys Water Polo Coach Torres   


Group B:                               

Football Coach Gonzalez

Girls Volleyball Coach Panameno

Girls Water Polo Coach Torres

Cheer Coach Lopez

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If you have any questions about MHS sports or coaches, please contact:
Rafael Gutierrez
Athletic Director

323-728-0121, x4436


SPORT                             COACH/EMAIL/EXTENSION

Baseball Manuel Arana   ext. 4572
Boys Basetball Nishil Shah  ext. 4609
Girls Basketball David Guerena ext. 4436
Cross Country Victoria Flores  ext. 4447
Football Pete Gonzalez  ext. 4493
Golf James Yoshitake ext. 4436
Boys Soccer Jesus Garcia  ext. 4437
Girls Soccer Jose De Leon  ext. 4625
Softball Darryl Lee ext. 4436
Swimming Miguel Torres ext. 4436
Boys Tennis Valerie Perez ext. 4436
Girls Tennis Valerie Perez ext. 4436
Track Victoria Flores  ext. 4447
Boys Volleyball Greg Ng  ext. 4539
Girls Volleyball Erick Panameno ext. 4436
Boys Water Polo Miguel Torres ext. 4436
Girls Water Polo Miguel Torres ext. 4436
Girls Wrestling Pedro Gomez ext. 4436 
Boys Wrestling Robert Ferra ext. 4436