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Dear Montebello High School Community,

Welcome back to the 2018-2019 school year!  I hope everyone was able to have a restful summer with family and friends.  We are excited to begin the new school year and look forward to continuing our work with students to promote academic achievement, encourage life-long learning, develop critical thinking and communication skills, and prepare students for college and career. 

This school year we are looking forward to the addition of new programs and continuing on with the success of our current programs.  This year, we are pleased to partner with East Los Angeles College to provide our Freshmen students with the Montebello Early College Program.  This program will enable interested students to earn an Associate’s Degree while working toward their high school diploma.  It definitely will require academic motivation on the part of our students. We have found that to be true as we are already almost at capacity.  If anyone is interested, please contact our office at (323) 728-0121.

Another new program we have for students is Oiler Crew.  The purpose of this program is to help provide our Freshman students the opportunity to work with upper grade mentor students who have been trained to partner with our 9th graders.  The transition to high school for freshmen can be overwhelming, but with the help of our Oiler Crew teacher advisors and our mentor students, we know we can help them make this transition a successful one.

We also will continue with our Academic Mentor Program (AMP) and OASIS, which utilizes the talents of our academically advanced students to mentor students who need more assistance with their studies.  Student tutors will be participating in helping our younger students with tutoring and other needed academic skills.  Our CATS, DRIVEN, and AVID teachers also worked over the summer on planning for the year ahead.  The work this summer of our AMP, Pathways and AVID programs plays a large part in helping our students raise academic achievement.

This summer, we’ve had many academic, athletic and extra-curricular programs working, planning and preparing for the year ahead.  Our Associated Student Body, led by our new ASB Director, Tina-Marie Lozano, was also present this summer to assist students and families during Registration Week and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their time and hard work. 

I encourage students to join and get involved in their school.  Involvement is key to helping students becoming more motivated and helps students to forge meaning in their academic careers and beyond.

Again, welcome back to the new school year and we look forward to a wonderful year. Please continue to check our new website for all the latest at MHS. GO OILERS!



Mrs. Helen Meltzer